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The Pregnancy Podcast provides information that goes way beyond the typical “pregnancy instruction manual” by sharing research-backed, evidence-based information. Vanessa Merten designs every episode to give you all the evidence, research, pros, cons, risks, and benefits. You will have all of the knowledge you need to decide the best options for you and feel confident about your decisions during your pregnancy and beyond. This podcast covers everything from trying to conceive, pregnancy, prenatal care, labor, birth, postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, newborns, and being a new parent.
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Aug 14, 2022

Week 28 until your baby’s birth, around 40 weeks, is the last stretch until you meet your baby. This episode covers everything you need to know to navigate the third trimester. Your baby is going through many changes this trimester to prepare for life outside your womb. This trimester can be challenging as your belly keeps growing, and you have some new symptoms resulting from carrying more weight. You may also find yourself anxious to have your baby and ready to be done being pregnant. You are almost at the finish line. Learn what to expect at your prenatal appointments this trimester. Find out what to-do items you should work on. Plus, get tips on your partner’s role and how they can support you.


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